montessori practical life color mixing w/ coffee filter leaves

color mixing coffee filter leaves
You will need to first introduce color mixing work first. You may place the color mixing work on the shelf set up as shown in the picture below. The leaf coloring work should go after, as it is an extension.

initial color mixing work
You may purchase the coffee filter leaves for this activity from Lakeshore - follow the link below. I always buy my bottles. eyedroppers, small containers etc. from Sunburst Bottle Co. They are very reasonable and reliable. I made a control that matches the outline of some of the leaves offered in the leaf packet from Lakeshore. Print, laminate and keep on the shelf with the job.

Materials needed:
small sponge for spills
small container of toothpicks
laminated color mixing control that matches the patterns of the coffee filter leaves
3 small eyedropper bottles full of colored water (1 blue, 1 red, yellow)
basket to hold leaves
dry rack for leaves to dry
Age 4-6 is an approximation; maturity is key
This activity can be presented to a group or individual child. Invite the child to the lesson (be mindful of the children who still need lessons in the initial eyedropper transfer and color mixing work). Show the child where the material is located on the shelf - practical life (high level of difficulty).
Carry the tray to the table. Sit down on the dominant side of the child. Place the tray above your designated work area. Retrieve the laminated color  mixing control and place it in front of you. Place eyedropper bottles in a line on the tray (red, yellow, blue). Place your coffee filter leaf to the left of you and the control. Begin by twisting the red eyedropper bottle cap off with care. Slowly and carefully place one drop of colored water on each corresponding red colored dot. Continue until all the colored dots are covered with their appropriate colored water. The droplets will resemble candy dots as they stand alone on the surface of the laminated control. Carefully (don't shake the table or move the control) take out one toothpick from the toothpick container. Take the toothpick and with a small circular motion mix one circle full of color at a time. When all the circles have been mixed place the coffee filter leaf on top of the control and watch how the color bleeds in to the white. When there is no more white, peel the leaf off of the control like you would a sticker and place it on the dry rack. Next is perhaps the most important part of all - clean up. Make sure the whole job is dry (you may need a drying towel) and return it to the shelf. Replenish for the next person by placing a leaf on the job for the next person. When the leaves are dry, which doesn't take very long at all, they can be hung or taped up in the window for the light to shine through.

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