Montessori Work Plans with pictures for non-readers!

Work plans are used in the classroom as a tool to help the children explore all areas of the classroom. It also encourages them to choose more than a few works that are out of their comfort zone within the three hour work cycle. The work plan I have designed is only to be used for children four years and older (four and a half in most cases).

Now, I have been opposed to work plans in the past, for I feel that the child should be left to their own devises to explore and stay with work for extended periods of time. The time that they spend on one work for two hours is just as valuable as the 8+ works that they complete in that same time.

I always reward the children if this is the case either with a special responsibility/or project that encompasses one or two areas of the classroom. Sometimes I will reward them with a lesson. And i never tell them that it is a reward. Because their completion of their own work is it's own reward.

Here is a link to the work plan. Print it on card stock, in color ink, cut them out and laminate. To personalize, write the child's name on the laminated card in sharpie (I do this to reuse them). Also, block out the days that the child is not present with a sharpie. I use a wet erase pen to place stars in the grid after the children have completed the work.


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  2. This is great! I have been looking for something like this for my preschoolers. It is exactly what they need to stay on track, maintain independence, and develop word association and language skills. Thanks!