montessori practical life spooning extensions

Preparation: Jars & lids, pouring, using a funnel, and spooning.
Materials: tray, bottles or vessels that in order to fill will require a funnel, a small funnel that will fit small grains, a small measuring spoon, a jar to hold the contents of the material being transferred (I always use quinuoa) and a small container to hold tools when not in use.
Gauge the interest and readiness of the child. Can they open a jar? Can they spoon? Can they repeat multiple steps?
Retrieve the material from the shelf. Tell the child: "today we are going to transfer quinuoa using a measuring spoon and a funnel." Set up is as follows: tools, quinoua and bottles. Place the first bottle directly in front of you. Put the funnel inside of it and open the jar. Pick up the spoon and carefully spoon the quinuoa into the funnel until the bottle is full. Replace the bottle to its first position and repeat the procedure until all the bottles are full. To put the job away pour the contents of the bottles back into the jar.

The direct aim of this material is to increase the child's concentration by combining skills previously learned in practical life exercises such as simple spooning, pouring using a funnel and opening and closing a jar. Indirect aims involved are order, measuring volume, increased coordination, and independence.

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