MONTESSORI fall pin punching

Pin punching is a fine motor activity for the young child who cannot yet cut with scissors, who are developing thier pencil grip and who are fullfilling their need for attention to detail. In a Montesori classroom you would find this work on the art shelf. Children love this work and it is not uncommon to find a child stay with this work for hours - perfecting their fine motor. Please make sure that the proper procautions are made for this material to exist in your environment. Express to the child dangers involved in using the punching tool. Make sure the child is holding the puncher with the proper grip.

Materials needed: watchful and tentative teacher, 1/4 inch thick felt sqaure (5.5"x5.5"), paper of varying thicknesses, patterns to trace (metal insets, botany cabinet, geo. cabinet, etc.), tray to hold materials, pin puncher (jumbo push pins).

Invite the child: "Would you like to learn how to seperate paper and create a beautiful paper design?"
Show the child where the material is located on the shelf. Take the material to the table. Give yourself enough area to work and place the tray with materials just above the area you've designated for your work. Take the 1/4" felt from the tray and place in front of you. Retreive a peice of paper with a pattern with a thick black outline. Trace the outline with the tiip of your index finger indicating where you will be punching. With your dominant hand (actually you should be sitting on the dominant side of the child-so if your child's left handed, your dominant hand is left. haha!). With your pincer grip, glide your hand down the center of your punching tool. Pick it up slowly. Show the child the sharp end. "This tool is sharp. It is only for poking paper. Be careful because it could hurt you if your are not careful." Begin your punching slowly and in the same way in which you would hold a pencil. Punch from top and continue clockwise until the pattern is completly seperated from it's oultine. To accomplish this completely, make sure that each hole you punch is as close to the last as the next. :) The paper should come apart easily once you have punched so many holes.


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