montessori peace shelf - emotions / feelings

From Montessori workjobs

 I really needed vibrant provocative displays of emotions and feelings to give the children because often times they would ask for help in solving a problem they have with another child. In order to get to the root of the problem we refer to the ways in which ones actions have made them feel. The picture emotion cards with labels aid and empower them in that problem solving process. I got lucky with this job. I found a wooden drawer with a built in flap mirror at a thrift shop. I took it home cleaned it up and I cut a black piece of felt to line the inside of the drawer. I cannot take credit for the pictures. I gathered the pictures from various google image searches and clip art. I designed this job to be a quiet reflective job for one child to do. It can be made into a two person memory game but then I would not include the mirror. Please print, cut (mount), laminate these photos and place them on your peace shelf/table. This was a fun job to make, enjoy:)


  1. Found this through Pinterest. Thanks for the printable!

  2. Hi how can I print out the photos? Is there a link to the images? Much thanks!

  3. I love your storage drawer with the mirror. Maybe I can find a kid's jewelry box with a mirror in it and repurpose it for this.