montessori preschool classroom job chart

Part of creating community (almost effortlessly) is by having a job chart. Job charts can be found at any teacher supply store. Dedicate a place in the classroom where the chart can be displayed. Picture cues are essential considering not all children in the primary Montessori classroom can read yet. You will find that children will be drawn to check the chart everyday when they arrive. Children love helping and completing tasks that care for the environment. You can choose to make tasks available for the children to help with everyday or for the whole week. Each child should have an initial lesson on the task depending on the level of difficulty. Make sure it is hanging in a noticeable place in the classroom at the child's level. Keep a basket of clearly printed name tags on a teachers shelf. Choosing the jobs/tasks should be the responsibility of the teacher and not the child. Opening or closing teachers should incorporate assigning tasks into preparation of the environment. Please feel free to print, cut and laminate the pictures above. They are for you to put in the slots of you job chart with a child's name placed the right of it.

NOTE: the hand washing picture is to be laminated and placed next to the sink just as a reminder ;)

The pictures are as follows:
  • rug rolling - checking the rugs and making sure they are tidy
  • compost - taking out the compost after lunch
  • sweeping - primarily in practical life
  • chair -  making sure all the chairs are pushed in
  • classroom pet - help prepare food and water for pets
  • plant watering - you may want to design markers for plants that need less water
  • dusting
  • food prep and serve -  this can be a special job besides what is already available for single serving snacks on the snack shelf
  • table setting - helping set the tables for lunch
  •  librarian - gets to choose the story of the day and keep the library tidy
  • paint easel helper

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